There is No Reason to Cry

We stand in a period of cultural regression; there are no monuments being built for our world, there are no temples for us to stand in awe. It is our plight to face inward as the gods rain information down upon a collective humanity that's crushing in on itself. As my eyes melt on the inside, I smirk with cold solace, knowing that our inevitable finale means everything is going to be o.k.

I seek the blessings of the reality underneath. Every day is a party with the material at hand, dancing vagrants, inbred fruit venders, cell phone thespians. These are my favorite things and they are here. Right here. Angry traffic cops, drag queens in the daylight, body fat, incense, horseradish, middle-aged whores. These are my favorite things and they are right here.

Nothing is ugly when you only have one life and I ask you, who has two?

They say everything is fascinating to a child; little animals that have no shame. Why do you? Smell that city heat garbage rot? Taste that ice cream? Those moments are real and meant for you. Hurdy gurdys, sharp-cheese, broken hearts, road kill, pigeon shit, dark beer. These are my favorite things and they are right here.


My Art Journal: The Sniveling Goat

Art is Perspective

Robert E. Brown

R.E. Brown

Artist, Writer, Misanthrope

I graduated from UNM in 1999

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News & Updates

I’ve been struck by the shocking acceleration of time as one gets older. I look back at when I set aside the Mind is Meat is Machine and Stimulation Snake projects and all I can say is, “how the fuck did this happen?”

My reasoning for putting them on hold was that I just needed a few months to enact a grand new plan to support myself. I had gotten a taste for public spectacle and creative business hustle with the FOS, and I told myself that once freed of the burden of being perpetually underfunded in my work and the struggle to support myself, I would return to the overly ambitious print projects that I was committed to.

The evolution of the entrepreneurial projects that I have dubbed “The Grand Follies,” all overlapped and blurred. This wonderful horrible period may have lasted over a decade, but transpired two weeks at a time as each new development spurred another “we’ll know the end of all this soon” again and again and again.

So where do we go from here?

The Mind is Meat is Machine Project
Finally, last year, I resolved to rework my Mind is Meat is Machine mural scale print, which has sat woefully lacking at a mere 28,000 images since 2006. My goal is to have this completed sometime in January 2018 and physically produced by May with a goal of 40,000 images. I am zeroing in on this and the main components have been completed and it can be seen in it’s current state in the project gallery here.

The Sniveling Goat
What a strange terrible amazing wonderful horrible trip it’s been. I’ve begun chronicling my odd adventures and examining the fine art world through that absurd lens, and will be launching The Sniveling Goat as a blog to present it all. Site launch with be mid January 2018,

A Final Folly?
I often joke that I’m a Black Widower. Things haven’t ended well for most of my business partners and creative collaborators. Lauren Simonutti, John Weir and Ryan Wider all met shocking and depressing, untimely deaths fitting of the troubled worlds they inhabited. When Swellco & Swellco ceased operations, my one surviving partner, Jim Black, went full tilt Luddite and disappeared into the jungles of Puerto Rico for five yers. But Maria wiped out everything he owned and washed him back to Philadelphia. He's ready to test his luck with the Sniveling Goat curse once more and we have one last folly under development. More details soon.

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Reality is a candy, and I have a sweet tooth for even the most mundane confection and my belly aches from my gross consumption. What I have left all stuck with lint at the bottom of my pockets are little bits of sunshine saved to sting your eyes, my gift for your pleasure.